Thursday, December 20, 2007

Global warming, world problem, regional knowledge

Welcome to the world of global warming, a world where everybody pays for Man’s mistakes but only few know about it.

As everybody knows global warming is THE problem for mankind today. It was even the reason for the Nobel price to Al Gore and the UNFCCC Intergovernamental team of scientists.
In the developed world apocalyptic scenarios about changes in weather and environment are constantly worrying the people there. It is a common perception there that everybody in the world has to do something about it.

However when it comes to knowledge about those changes in climate we are in a completely different scenarios. Coverage of international events like UNFCCC Bali conference is very large for developed countries but very poor for underdeveloped ones.
How can it be if the last ones are probably the countries that will suffer the most for the climate changes?
Those countries were not responsible for the global pollution, did not benefit by the technological developments and yet are going to be the first ones to pay the bill of a long history of violence to the environment which started with the British industrial revolution.
Thiat is nothing compared to the fact that people in the underdeveloped countries do not even know abot that. The deficit of knowledge is unbelievable. People are left alone in the doldrums, without basic information about global warming.

The approach used by developed countries about environmental problems is highly hypocritical. On one hand they want the global warming problem to be solved, that everybody in the world does something about it and for that reason they organize huge and expensive conferences where climate changes are debated with great emphasis on the future of the world.
On the other hand, it is hugely expensive to participate to these conferences (like the Bali one), clearly out of the reach for press representatives of coutries which represent more than three quartes of world population.
Journalists from poor countries are left out, without any funding to participate. The rich coutries send hundreds of press representatives and poor ones just very few journalists.
Unfear? It all has to do with selfisheness of rich coutries.

Everybody is always so concerned about the future of the world, but when it comes to giving out money to help the poor countries everybody looks the other side.
This approach is so hypocritical that seems to be ignoring the fact that we are all in the same boat.
How can we save the Amazon jungle if people there are not aware of global warming problems (and left in the darkness by the press which does not have money to inform those people about global warming)?

On which basis we critisize the least developped countries which destroy their forests if we do not allow to participate to those conferences?
Yes because effectively this is what happens. If we make it so expensive to participate, only selected press representative from those countries will go. Press which express the interests of the oligarchies which govern those countries, the very same ones that are responsible for the deflorestation of those countries.
Indipendent press willl never have the funds to go and therefore will never participate.

Tears will be dropped about the future of the world at the Bali conference. But to tell you the truth only few millions of people in the world will know about it.
The vast mayority in the poor countries will never know and the world will contiunue the irreversible run towards the abyss.

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