Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Stop killing the trees, stop killing the trees

The old man was looking at the tree. Both of them were old.
The man was 81 years-old. He was a millionaire. The tree was older. About 100 or 120 years old. It was rich of leaves, smell and history.

The old man looked at the tree again and thought: "I am going to get some good money out of it.". How much was it going to be? 500 euros, 1000 euros or even 1500 euros? Not more than that. Did he need it? Certainly not.

But then why was he doing that? Why was he cutting the old tree down?
The answer lies in the basic point it he's being discussed these days in Paris.

In this world there is no respect for the trees, for the forests, for the nature.

We are living in the land of no-tree land.

Welcome to the world of the future my reader, a world dry, where feelings are drier than our land, where the love for the money is far greater than the interest for our future.

Ad above all a world where trees have no protection. There is no law protecting the trees in this world. There are laws protecting human beings, animals but not trees.
I know what you are thinking my reader: there are environmental laws protecting trees.

Well that is partially true, in some countries, in some instances.

But there is not public feeling and public awareness that trees are as important as humans for the future of this world.

What do I mean?
I explain it with an example.

My daughter is asking to pick up the little plants we left with our neighbors when we left our old flat and travelled abroad. We loved our plants a lot. We felt their absences. And we wanted them back.
They are part of our life. Just like animals for some people.
We have respect for plants, we love trees I personally would live in a forest. In Brazil we still have them. I do not know how long for.

In Europe it is different. The old man from Tuscany shows no respect for the trees. Is a 100 years-old tree worth1000 euros only?
If a kill a man I go to prison. But I I kill a 100 year-old tree I get 1000 euro for it. What kind of world is this? This is the world the meeting in Paris is showing. Lots of words. But in the end money is far more important than trees.
Why the world is going the way we see nowadays?

Not because multinationals destroy the environment. This thing they have always done.
But because the average man in the street destroys the environment.

Another example?
I was walking down the street and a man was cutting the tree in front of his house. Another old one. I was horrified. But what can I do? Call the police" It is likely I would go to prison, not the killer of trees.
Trees have no rights.

Why the Paris meeting about the environment is going to be a failure? Because trees have no rights. Because we do not respect our nature. And that is why we are going down in this world.
But until there are people like my little daughter, who is feeling saudade (the lack of) her little plants the world still has hope.

But we must make our voice heard soon. We must cry out: "stop kicking the trees, stop killing the trees". And then the politicians will stop this killing. And the world will be born again.

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