Sunday, June 24, 2018

Italy, migrants is your problem

“What a hell do they want?” the man cries loud. “Do they go there? So it is their problem,

We are not going to host anyone.”

The man is the French President. They are the African migrants.

What is going on? Why tensions are so high in Europe?

Welcome to the new world
, the world where the selfish people are the ones who reject the poor people from Africa. The Italians. They are extremist. They do not want to help poor people escaping from the wars.

“What about us helping them and you hosting them?” the child says loudly from the back of the room.

“Shut up child and call me mr. President,” the French President says.

“They come to your ports so they are your problem.”

“But you are so sympathetic to them I am sure you have place and food to shelter them” says the child.

“It is out of question. You are a spy of the extremist part in power in Italy”.

And that is the problem. The French president does not understand it is not the rude man in power in Italy the problem. The problem is the selfishness of Europe, its double-standards, clearly shown by the behavior of Malta.

We want to help them, we sell them medicines and food. But we do not want to host them.

It is an Italian problem.

On one side we criticize the Italians. On the other one we do not want the African migrants.

That is too easy. This is not Europe, it is selfishness.

And the Italians are fed up of that.

Something has to change. Deeply. In Europe.

Otherwise the migrant crisis will turn into European crisis.

But something will stay: anger towards Europe.

Wake up Europe. Migrants are a European problem not an Italian problem.

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