Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Truth and lies about the Climate change Partnership

When I wrote my article “The big cheat on Bali press coverage of journalists of developing countries” I did not think I was going to be so popular.
In fact I did get an unusual attention and I am forced to get back to my reader to write about true and lies on this issue.

As an indipendent journalist I am proud to say that I applied for the fellowship just to be turned down for no real explanation.

As a further proof of what I wrote in my article I discovered an alteration of the web pages of the partnership just to show that my article findings were incorrect.
For instance two names have been eliminated from the list of the fellows:
1) Asheline Appleton
2) Daria Cherepanova

However it is not difficult to show how the falsification took place.
First a search in google for Asheline Appleton for instance, shows that mrs. Appleton was in the list of the fellows: www.climatemediapartnership.org/spip.php?auteur54

However you will not be able to open this page as it has been deleted. But if you click on the cache version in google you will find it.
Same story for Daria Cherepanova.

I never thought that might happen but it did. Strange thing that it happened just after the publication of my article.

Fortunately enough I saved the whole list of fellows and I can easily show that my findings were correct.

Few other things:

1) as I wrote in my article Latin American countries were excluded from the list of the coutries eligible. However Caribbean countries were not. I proved it to Mike (representative of the Parnership) and he admitted it (how could he deny it given that I had the emails from the partnership just saying that?). However he mentioned a change in the rules during the selection process. I wrote to Mike that the change was not communicated to the participants (like myself) and that shows lack of sensibility to the participants not to say lack of organization during the selection process.
2) The explanation of different findings from mine is already mentioned above. An interesting point is that Mike uses the copyright issue as an explanation of the low number of articles shown in my findings. However my calculations were based on the number of the written articles. I am sure that the copyright issue has nothing to do with the number of articles (in other words you can mention how many articles you wrote without any infringment of the copyrights for the company you work for).
3) I also noticed that Mike did not make any comment about the participation of indipendent journalists from developing countries.

I just hope that indipendent journalists from developing countries will have a say for the benefit of the countries which do suffer the most for climate changes.

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